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Valuable, Long-Term Relationships

We work collaboratively with business leaders to define and drive toward business and marketing goals.  Along the way, we consistently ask all of our clients to tell us what they think of our services and how we can add value to the client-consultant relationship.

Genuine Interest in Your Success

We take the time to get to know each client personally. Advisors are more than a sounding board for marketing ideas, more than brand and website critics. We want to understand your passion, your purpose for working long hours, as well as your vision for elevating both your business and life.

Experience-Forged Thought Leadership

Small Biz CMO applies best-in-class strategic thinking in the realms of branding, digital marketing, consumer and buyer behavior, product development, service design, and customer intelligence to support the creativity and innovativeness of our expansive marketing vendor network.

Client Interests Always Come First

Small Biz CMO understands there are times when a client is best served by delaying or changing direction. We help clients evaluate the impact of these decisions by prioritizing goals and helping clients understand the real costs.  No matter what, the client’s interest is always top priority.

Reliable Growth Partners for Your Business

Our consultants do what they commit to doing. If we can’t get something done on the desired timeline, we’ll say so. If an idea requires additional expertise for implementation, you get to be part of that decision. Small Biz CMO delivers on our promises – even the small ones.

Always Current on Marketing Theory and Practice

We study and develop emerging marketing theories. Our consultants proactively learn how to best apply new marketing tools. We attend workshops and webinars on everything from marketing leadership to analytics. We stay current so we can provide the best advice possible.

Our Practice Areas

Strategic Marketing Planning

Small Biz CMO will develop actionable plans for achieving your vision of growth via our collaborative consulting approach.  Get ready for thought leadership perfectly blended with analytics and creativity.

Marketing Advisement

Meet with Small Biz CMO to generate and test marketing ideas, develop marketing systems, allocate marketing budgets, stay accountable to marketing plans, and dynamically refine tactics based on marketing performance.

Management & Leadership

Small Biz CMO will plan and coordinate your marketing projects with our best-in-class marketing network, get the job done right and inject with the strategic marketing perspective you need in your business.

We look forward to advancing your marketing strategy.
Reach out to meet your Small Biz CMO.

Thanks for your interest in our services.  Please reach out to explore how we can help your company grow.

-Ray Benedicktus, Ph.D. MBA
Founder, Marketing Consultant

Strategically planned growth is more sustainable because it is done with purpose by people that understand why and how growth is happening and those  that can continue to influence success.

We are professional, logical, creative people, but we are also friendly, understanding and fun. We are marketers that listen, evaluate, think strategically, and then advise.  Small Biz CMO keeps up with marketing trends across the entire spectrum of marketing theory and practice.  We love helping  businesses grow.  We understand that small business owners are full of big ideas and are not always as small as the public thinks.  We want to help you assess, plan, and grow aggressively and responsibly, so that your marketing resources get put to good use, you enjoy the fruits of your hard work, and your business can continue to flourish in the face of dynamic market forces.

Our Services

Revenue and Sales Modeling

How will product, service and market changes affect your bottom line? Understand the impact of your decisions before you pull the trigger.

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Competitive Positioning Insights

How do you stack up against the competition and how can that position be improved? Work with us to identify opportunities for differentiation.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Grow revenue by understanding how customers engage with your brand. Identify gaps in excellence, then leverage insights to implement the ideal customer journey.

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Branding Advice and Support

Keep your brand relevant, focused, and strong. From design to messaging to monitoring, the Small Biz CMO team has you covered.

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On-Demand Advising

Retain and engage with expert and attentive marketing leaders to get advice when you need it. Reach out as often as needed.

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Marketing Advising

Meet regularly with an expert marketing strategist dedicated to growing your business. Choose an advisement plan and schedule that fits your needs.

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Tactical Marketing

Hyper focused marketing action plans are now at your fingertips. Leverage the power of our road maps for almost any successful marketing implementation.

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Marketing Management

Leverage a fractional Chief Marketing Officer to lead your marketing team and grow your company faster without the overhead.

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Strategic Marketing Plans

Grow with the most complete and actionable marketing plans ever seen; integrated with market research, customer journey and competitive positioning maps, activity budgets, tactical guides and more.

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Digital Marketing Audits and Advisement

Bring budget friendly strategy to the core of your digital marketing game. Complete an audit and make adjustments or start a digital project from the ground up.

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Marketing Research

Insights drive the best in strategic advising. Research gurus deploy interviews, focus groups, and custom surveys to customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Bring us your toughest questions.

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CRM Implementations

Collaborate with HubSpot, SalesForce and CRM platform experts to map out and enable a dynamic Customer Relationship Manangement (CRM) system for your sales team.

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