We value strategically informed growth over gimmicks, and we think you do too. 

Like Liam Neesen in the Taken film series, marketing professionals are typically experts with a “particular set of skills,” tools, and tactics.

These tactics are usually employed with the service’s unique gimmicks and typically show quick gains in secondary metrics. Your provider pats themselves on the back and breathes a big sigh of relief because, “it works!”

But the way most marketers employ these tools is flawed.  You’ve probably experienced it and that’s why you’ve read even this far.

After the initial performance bump, the novelty of the methods tapers off along with your results, and you continue paying for service you aren’t sure is working out of fear you might lose even more of the marginal gains than have already slipped away.

Looking for a better way?
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We put strategy and insight ahead of tactics.

Small Biz CMO will help you leverage the same marketing tactics you see employed by the best marketers of the best brands.  But we don’t sell tactical marketing, so we never put tactics ahead of a comprehensive strategy.

Our approach begins and ends with understanding and refining your marketing goals.

We seek to understand your vision and business models, then examine the market for brand differentiation, relationship development, and sales opportunities.

This takes a just a bit longer, but with this approach, your gains from tactical implementations are enormously more sustainable.  When you are comfortable we have a solid strategy defined, we align our network of best-in-class tactical partners to execute an integrated plan to achieve your business objectives.

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Small Biz CMO is genuinely interested in helping our clients reach new heights. Let’s grow together.

Look No Further for Your Trusted Marketing Advisor

Valuable, Long-Term Relationships

We work collaboratively with business leaders to define and drive toward business and marketing goals.  Along the way, we consistently ask all of our clients to tell us what they think of our services and how we can add value to the client-consultant relationship.

Clients’ Interests Always Come First

Small Biz CMO understands there are times when a client is best served by delaying or changing direction. We help clients evaluate the impact of these decisions by prioritizing goals and helping clients understand the real costs.  No matter what, the clients’ interest is always top priority.

Genuine Interest in Your Success

We take the time to get to know each client personally. Advisors are more than a sounding board for marketing ideas, more than brand and website critics. We want to understand your passion, your purpose for working long hours, as well as your vision for elevating both your business and life.

Reliable Growth Partners for Your Business

Our consultants do what they commit to doing. If we can’t get something done on the desired timeline, we’ll say so. If an idea requires additional expertise for implementation, you get to be part of that decision. Small Biz CMO delivers on our promises – even the small ones.

Experience-Forged Thought Leadership

Small Biz CMO applies best-in-class strategic thinking in the realms of branding, digital marketing, consumer and buyer behavior, product development, service design, and customer intelligence to support the creativity and innovativeness of our expansive marketing vendor network.

Always Current on Marketing Theory and Practice

We study and develop emerging marketing theories. Our consultants proactively learn how to best apply new marketing tools. We attend workshops and webinars on everything from marketing leadership to analytics. We stay current so we can provide the best advice possible.

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  • Ray Benedicktus

    Strategic Marketing Consultant

    Ray is a marketing focused leader with 15+ years experience in consulting, research, branding and...

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  • Rene Negron

    Brand Strategy Consultant

    Rene Negron provides Small Biz CMO clients with superior business acumen and communications expertise....

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  • Marla Noel

    Strategic Planning Consultant

    Marla leverages her experience in management, strategic planning, and financial operations to help...

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  • Tony Crisp

    Strategic Marketing Consultant

    He has helped Business WordPress Theme reach new heights and enter new markets. His skills of understanding...

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  • Amy Abate

    Marketing Project Manager

    Amy is a goal-oriented and insightful team leader with 6 years experience managing marketing and...

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  • Justin Mills

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Justin is a passionate marketer who specializes in social media promotion of consumer products....

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