About Small Biz CMO

Small Biz CMO is a group of small business marketing advisors that work with small and medium businesses to retain and add value through marketing investment.

We work with executives and entrepreneurs to create a continuous, consultative, and constructively critical dialogue so that marketing programs can work smarter in the course of small business growth.

We collaborate and lead small business marketing teams so that other business owners and functional area managers can spend critical time leading, managing operations, and sharing their passions with others – all while harnessing expertise of professional marketing advisors.

Small Biz CMO applies best-in-class strategic thinking in the realms of branding, digital marketing, consumer and buyer behavior, product development, service design, and customer intelligence. Our small business marketing consultants have advised nearly 200 small businesses. Small Biz CMO consultants have managed marketing for start-ups, propelled Fortune 100s ahead of competition, and managed projects for giants like PepsiCo and Starbucks.

The Small Biz CMO Perspective on Consulting Relationships

In collaborating with our clients, we like to share a similar perspective on marketing and the client-consultant relationship:

  • Marketing is an investment in company value.
  • Screening of marketing ideas should not occur during brainstorming.
  • Constructive criticism from both consultants and clients adds tremendous value in decision making.
  • Expert advice is essential to changing and growing even the strongest of organizations.
  • The real value of professional advisors is in the expertise and work that happens before and after implementation of project tasks.
  • Immediate results are usually short-lived. Sustainable results require investment, time and hard work, and may end up being ‘unrecognized’ as retained value in the face of stronger competition and other dynamic forces.

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I really appreciate your guidance. I definitely have a new sense of vigor about what I need to do to succeed with Natural Citizen products.  Thanks to your advisement, I’ll be managing operational aspects of the business differently so that I can focus more of my time on growth.

Robert Withers
President, Natural Citizen

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