Amy AbateMarketing Project Manager

Amy Abate Marketing Project Manager Small Biz CMO
areas of expertise
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Creating/Maintaining Brand Image
  • Marketing Design & Copy
  • Marketing Trend Analysis
  • Project Troubleshooting
education & experience
  • A.A., Graphic Design, Platt College, Ontario
  • 6 years of experience in special projects management
  • Dynamic and engaged client relationship manager

Amy is a goal-oriented and insightful team leader with 6 years experience managing marketing and IT projects for clients and their customers. She is passionate about meeting and exceeding client expectations, and providing insight for design and strategy.

There is nothing better then being able to create and implement solutions that delight our clients.  Our collaborative process and range of perspectives leads to incredible results that neither we nor our clients could accomplish independently. – Amy Abate

Amy has experience in working closely with clients, and taking a thoughtful and tech-savvy approach to meeting goals. She has a firm understanding of client branding and is committed to both the preservation and enhancement of client image and presence. Amy is both a tactician and problem solver, creating results with a growth-oriented approach.

perspectives in "The Edge"

  • Keywords to Encourage Sustainable Consumption

    Recent research investigates whether consumers’ concept of God as authoritarian, as loving, or as mystical, cosmic force explains their support for sustainability initiatives.

    November 23, 2018
  • Advertising Business Models for the New Era of Marketing

    Massive amounts of time, money and creativity are poured into creating and targeting the perfect ads for the perfect receptive audience. Explore ways marketers can build deeper, more rewarding relationships with consumers.

    November 17, 2018
  • B2B Marketing Changes to Consider in 2019

    Marketing is a critical cog in the machine for creating customers, growth and shareholder value. The CEO who recognizes and harnesses the shift marketing is responsible for will win in the engagement economy.

    November 10, 2018

contact details

+1 714 202 6812
One Park Plaza
Suite 600
Irvine, CA 92614, United States

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I really appreciate your guidance. I definitely have a new sense of vigor about what I need to do to succeed with Natural Citizen products.  Thanks to your advisement, I’ll be managing operational aspects of the business differently so that I can focus more of my time on growth.

Robert Withers
President, Natural Citizen
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